Cost estimation app for real estate Professionals.
Cost estimation app for real estate Professionals.
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Answers questions prior to purchase (FAQs).

What does "FREE" trial mean?

FREE trial means that you have the opportunity to test the CORES Planer app for 24 hours without restriction when purchasing at the graduated license price from the time your access data is provided and to withdraw from the purchase unconditionally within this period without further questions.

How are the cost parameters updated with the new values for 2019 ff.?

The cost parameters are updated every November. Generally, the update of the CORES app is realized by purchasing the new version. However, we also offer licensing and subscription models, which ensure the use of the most up-to-date cost parameters without the need to re-purchase the app.

Is there a scaled-down version available for those who don't need all the features of the CORES Planer App?

There will be closed user group versions of the CORES Planer App available in the future. The scope and the scale of the app can be individually determined for these groups and commercial users can also get customized printout options suited to their needs.

Can you have your own company logo on the printout / PDF?

For commercial use within closed user groups the respective logo can be integrated, so that the PDF or the printout of the calculation / the cost estimate could be directly dispached to their customers.

Can the PDF be converted to other formats for further processing such as an Excel sheet or ORCA data formats?

Generally, the output is rendered as a PDF file. However, we can provide a technical solution for output in another file format for commercial use within closed user groups.

Can the calculated costs replace a conventional cost estimate?

The cost parameters can serve as an informative basis and provide a first indication of the cost for one or more construction projects. Since the components and the volume must be determined in the process, this initial acquisition of data can facilitate a tendering process based upon it.

Does the data Cores RE apps use differ from the construction cost data collected by the BKI?

BKI data is not used directly in the apps. Cores RE. updates cost parameters throughout the year. Our app is more up to date and reflects the market price more accurately than the BKI in case of cost fluctuations.